Only Impossible Things

This post was inspired by the March 2021 Carnival of Aces which is themed around dreams. That said, this is a post about something I’ve want to get off my chest for a while and might not end up being ace-related enough to actually be a submission to the carnival. We’ll see how it ends... Continue Reading →

24 Random and Likely Uninteresting Facts About the Person Who Runs This Blog Because They Just Turned 24

I ended up in the emergency room the day before my birthday this year. It’s a long story.I write fiction. I wrote a draft of a high fantasy novel when I was in undergrad and have been angsting about how to fix it ever since. Maybe I’ll actually manage to conjure up another draft this... Continue Reading →

When you’re not on the survey list

This post was inspired by the March 2021 Gender Exploration Carnival theme “Surveys.” Whether or not it actually works as a submission is a tossup because I talk about being asexual as much as I talk about being agender here. So, I had an intake phone call from the mental health services at my university.... Continue Reading →

Rambling Gender Musings

This is a submission for the February 2021 Gender Exploration Carnival themed "Questioning." This post is both late (though admittedly only by like an hour and a half in my time zone) and possibly incoherent. This is getting off to a great start, isn't it? /sarcasm Content Warnings: Mentions of hypothetical invalidation Back when this... Continue Reading →

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