A long, drawn-out ramble about pronouns

This is a submission to the May 2021 Gender Exploration Carnival on the theme "Pronouns." Content Warning: Transphobia and conservatives, mostly in part 3 Part 1: In which I state what my pronouns are So, I use they/she pronouns, and when I say that I like they/them, I mean that I really like they/them. I... Continue Reading →

By Definition I Count as Aplatonic, but I’m Not Loveless

NOTE: While it is not blatantly obvious, this post was written from a place alloarophobia. It has been left up in the interest of not concealing my past mistakes. All of my issues with the Aro Community are a product of my own narrow-mindedness not any issues with the community itself. Back in February I... Continue Reading →

Roundup: Gender Exploration Carnival April 2021

The theme for the April 2021 Gender Exploration Carnival was "Neurodivergence/Mental Health." We only had two submissions, but thank you so much anyway! I received the following submissions: Briar -- "Lost and Not Yet Found" You can’t see the outlines of it,light does strange things within the grayness,and your questions get swallowed up(your voice sounding... Continue Reading →

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