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January 2022 Carnival of Aces: Divergence vs. Convergence

December’s carnival was hosted by Ettina on the topic “Children and Childhood“. This month’s theme is “Divergence and Convergence.” Special thanks to Coyote for throwing topic ideas at me when I wasn’t sure what topic to do.

In its most basic form, convergence vs divergence is a question of whether it makes sense to view someone’s orientation as composite (see point Number 2 of this post here). In practice, the question tends to be more complicated than “if your romantic and sexual orientation match you’re convergent and if they don’t match you’re divergent” and ties into questions of whether being ace and being aro are inherently the same or different experiences and the way people who multi-label experience the relationships between their multiple labels.

Some ideas on topics:

  • If you are varioriented how do you experience the relationship between your labels? Do you feel that you’re divergent or convergent? Does that divergence or convergence differ from the way a perioriented person might experience the same?
  • If you are perioriented do you feel that you’re divergent or convergent? Do you think that this experience is the same or different than it would be if you were allo?
  • Do you identify with both a romantic orientation and a sexual orientation? Does your experience of divergence/convergence affect this at all?
  • How do you interact with people who have other experiences in regards to divergence and convergence?
  • How do you discuss divergence/convergence when talking to people who don’t know anything about asexuality? Do you think these situations require approaching the concept in different ways than discussions amongst aces do?

I’ll accept submissions until I get the round-up posted, which will likely sometime late on February 2nd. Submissions can be made through links in the comments, pingbacks or my contact box. If you would like to make an anonymous submission you can email it to me at and I’ll post it to this blog for you.

15 thoughts on “January 2022 Carnival of Aces: Divergence vs. Convergence

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  1. Hi, vacant (they/them) here – I’ve got a bit of a late submission, just finally finished it. It’s a touch critical of the idea of convergence/divergence since it’s not an idea that works for me, so please feel free to leave it off the roundup if you’d rather keep the general tone more positive. Nonetheless it was a super engaging topic and one I’m glad to have been given the opportunity to write about, and I’d be honoured to be included if you think it’s appropriate. Thanks for hosting!


    1. Hi, vacant here again, sorry for multiple comments. After some consideration, I’d actually like to respectfully withdraw this post as a submission for this month’s Carnival. Apologies.


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