I’m Em! Some of you might know me as something else on other sites, but just Em is fine here.

About Me:

I’m a twenty-something white American grad student (Master’s of Library and Information Science). I was raised Catholic though I’m not particularly religious anymore (that said, it is very complicated). I’m from the rural Midwest and a liberal child of conservative parents. I’m also neurodivergent (OCD, anxiety, autism traits).

Gender and sexuality-wise, I’m agender and my favorite pronoun set is they/them/themself, but I’ll accept some other ones too. I’m perpetually questioning my sexual orientation, but bi gray-aromantic gray-asexual is probably the most honest answer. I’m also partial to the obscure microlabel nebulaquoi. I’m sex-conflicted and romance-indifferent.

About the Blog:

This started out as an ace blog because I wanted to write for Carnival of Aces while I was taking an extended hiatus from Tumblr. These days I’m a bit disillusioned with ace communities as a whole, so going forward, I hope to try to transition the blog into a more personal blog territory and maybe write some long-form meta-essays or book reviews. We’ll see what happens.

If you’re wondering why I named this blog “Bring on the Pigeons” the only answer I’ve got is that I like pigeons. **shrug** I think they’re funny and I thought this blog name was vaguely clever.

To reveal myself as a hopeless geek: this blog runs on the same variation of canon that the old Star Wars Expanded Universe did: meaning that if two posts contradict each other generally the newer one is the one which represents the more accurate depiction of my thinking on the topic. If you find an old post that hasn’t been contradicted and want to know if I still agree with it, please comment or send me a message through my comment box.

If I say something incorrect or offensive, please let me know so I can make corrections.

Hope you enjoy your stay!

(last updated 8/1/2021)

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