Thoughts On Common Strategies Intended To Increase Comments on Fanfiction As Written By Me, The Lurker In The Room

CW: one instance of language in a quote So every once and a while I go off about Tumblr's habit of circulating posts demanding the "right" kind of interaction (ie reblogs and comments) with fanworks, but every other time I've criticized it through the lens of people not realizing the effect reblog bait posts like... Continue Reading →

What I mean when I say “this fandom doesn’t have a fanfiction culture”

This post is another thing I originally posted elsewhere. Fandoms aren't monolith. Fanwork (an umbrella term for fan-created content like fanfiction or fanart) is a cornerstone of modern fandom going back to it's roots in the early Star Trek fandom's zine culture, but the type of fanwork that each fandom engages in actually varies. Peaky... Continue Reading →

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