Roundup: Gender Exploration Carnival April 2021

The theme for the April 2021 Gender Exploration Carnival was "Neurodivergence/Mental Health." We only had two submissions, but thank you so much anyway! I received the following submissions: Briar -- "Lost and Not Yet Found" You can’t see the outlines of it,light does strange things within the grayness,and your questions get swallowed up(your voice sounding... Continue Reading →

Brief Thoughts On Multiple Things, but Ultimately On Needing Permission

Look at me posting late to my own carnival month, how very on brand of me. Anyway, it’s the last two weeks of classes so I probably won’t get the round-up done until tomorrow night so if you are running late too, as long as you get me a link before then I’ll put it... Continue Reading →

When you’re not on the survey list

This post was inspired by the March 2021 Gender Exploration Carnival theme “Surveys.” Whether or not it actually works as a submission is a tossup because I talk about being asexual as much as I talk about being agender here. So, I had an intake phone call from the mental health services at my university.... Continue Reading →

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