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Thoughts on Being an Ace Displaced

I think I might have mentioned in my first post about being a Tumblr ace that when I started calling myself a Tumblr ace it was as an apology, a way of saying “I know I’m a member of the cringiest sexual orientation on earth from the cringiest website on earth, I know, you don’t… Continue Reading →

Roundup: Carnival of Aces May 2021

The topic for the May 2021 Carnival of Aces was Words and Conceptualizations. I had six submissions. Thank you all so much! Frawley talked about the different ways they label themself depending on who they’re coming out to in “The Layer Cake of My Identity.” Frawley also discussed the usefulness of approximate definitions in “White… Continue Reading →

Why I prefer to define asexual as “I’m not interested in sex”

**Slinks in late to my own blogging carnival** Well, at least I’m consistently last-minute? CW: Some mentions of Christianity, Tumblr Ace Discourse When I was editing my post about not experiencing split attraction, I made some small changes to the way I was describing a certain topic. The changes were to change the sentences offhandedly… Continue Reading →

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